Many businesses simply accumulate their ways of working over a period of time. This is partly through the knowledge held by key people, and partly through habit. But it’s risky – a business can be over-reliant on a few people, and knowledge and habits can become out of date.

Process Frameworks capture and document the important operational knowledge, ensuring that you own it as a business. We work closely with you and your people, to extract and record your processes. We use process maps to show the operational and management sequences, and we can also build in quality controls and health & safety checks so that your mapped processes implement your management systems. The benefits for you are:

  • Clear, simple, easy to follow process maps that document how you operate
  • Embedding your management system checks and controls
  • Linking and joining processes to create a coherent framework for your business
  • A training platform for your people, to raise their productivity, performance and quality levels
  • Clarity, so you can analyse and review the processes to make them more efficient
  • Owning the knowledge, to protect your business from losing key people